Paul and Gemma contacted me last year to book their wedding, as part of the package was the engagement shoot. I love a good engagement shoot. Firstly to spend some more time with the couple before the big day, get to know their personality and what makes them tick. Also it gets them relaxed around the camera so things will flow more smoothly on the big day.

They told me they wanted to do the shoot firstly at Marbury park, then at the amazing Lion Salt Works both in Northwich a town in the middle of the lovely county of Cheshire.

Being a wedding photographer in Manchester, Cheshire is just a short drive away and it was nice to get away from the city for a while and spend some time in the county that I grew up in.

Can't wait for the big day now and to spend some more time photographing these two.......

If you want to check out the Lion Salt Works it's really interesting museum have a look at their website here