It was an absolute treat working on this wedding with the lovely family of Vibeke, Sam, Katinka and Joules. I really didn't have to work very hard to get some amazing emotional and funny shots from the four of them, I hope every wedding could be like this!

I arrived to Vibeke's family home to be greeted by the sight of a mini festival that had sprung up in their back garden. With bunting and a small tent looking like a smaller version of Glastonbury than rural Staffordshire.

They were married in the lovely setting of the Post House, in Stafford, the town where both Vibeke and Sam grew up, a fitting place to commit to each other for the rest of their lives.

The day progressed without a hitch apart from Katinka's insistence to occasionally wrap herself up in her mother's wedding dress, and one of the guests Andy trying to dodge my camera, although I got an interesting shot of him him in the end.

A absolute pleasure of a wedding to work on. Thank you for booking me Vibeke and Sam and i'm sure you will have a wonderful time being married.