Angela and Simon decided to get get married at Didsbury’s Parsonage Trust in South Manchester as they are in love with this historic building and the stunning Fletcher Moss garden that surrounds it.

Dated from 1650, The Parsonage Trust has transform the picturesque site into a blooming community hub where exhibitions, classes and other events take place regularly.


The ceremony was held in one of the historic rooms, featuring a large gorgeous window that brought the views of the gardens to the wooden interiors.

Simon was the first of the couple to arrive, and waited for the soon bride to be while greeting the guests. There wasn’t a large group of wedding guests but they were well travelled; Angela's dad came from London as the rest of her family traveled all the way from North America to accompany the couple in their big day.


Breaking with traditions, bride and groom walked together into the handfasting ceremony taking place under the lovely natural light that came through the window. They shared they bows in an intimate service  and soon after, everybody left towards the Fletcher Moss gardens to greet the new marriage with confetti. I took advantage of the nice lovely light of a tree and gathered everyone there to capture a group shot.

Later, the couple and I wandered in the gardens to take pictures of them alone. We walked further close to Didsbury Park where Angela and Simon wanted a wedding picture taken by a row of magnificent cypresses.


The reception took place in a different room, finely decorated with antique laces and crystal vases displaying wonderful sunflowers that matched the yellow palette of other decorations. Angela decided to include old pictures of her family, adding extra emotion to such an unforgettable day.

Lady Bird books on British peculiarities were available at the tables to big amusement of the Americans as the party continued with the hilarious speeches of the best man and the groom and people laughing and chatting, enjoying themselves as the day went on.

It was a pleasure to photograph Angela and Simons wedding day, and I wish them all the happiness in their new life together….