The Wedding Engagement


I first met Ash and Jake in Manchester. We got to know each other in a local coffee shop and happily, they booked me soon afterwards. :)

The next time I met them was in a local park in Chesterfield (Ash’s hometown) for the engagement shoot. Holmebrook Valley Park surrounds a deep blue lake and as we did the shoot at the start of Spring, the park was full of lush green colours with a field of yellow flowers. It was a perfect picturesque backdrop for the shoot.


It was great to work with Ash and Jake because they are two of the most fun, natural people to photograph I have worked with. It was such a pleasure!

I knew this would be a great wedding to work on...

The Venue


Fast forward to the 16th of March 2018, I headed down to South Wales the day before the wedding to check out the venue. I had read about The Rosedew Farm in Llantwit Major on the internet, but I always like to see the place and plan the day in advance, as it is essential to make the big day go smoothly for the couple and myself.


When I arrived, Ash and Jake were hard at work adding their personal touch to an already beautiful venue. The ceremony and later the meal and dancing took place in the Rosedew Farm, a converted old barn with a rustic and beautiful feel. In the conversion, one of the walls was replaced by a modern gallery facing the meadows, which allowed the light and landscape to come through creating a great atmosphere.  


After checking the wedding Ash and Jake directed me that day to check out the nearby coastline for some posed shots on the day…


Afterwards, I headed off to my bed for the night at a local BnB to get some rest before the big day and to write up my plans. Being March, it was very cold and I’m always obsessively checking the weather report... snow was forecast possibly for the wedding day!

The Morning

The morning of the wedding was an early start. After getting ready at the BnB I headed down to The Rosedew Farm first to see Ash preparing for the big day.

Ash, family and friends were already making the finishing touches to the cake in the morning as I arrived. William - Ash’s dad - had the unenviable job of carrying three tiers of wobbly cake over to the venue avoiding hungry dogs along the way! The morning was progressing well and I took some shots of the venue which was looking fab.

I later popped over to the other cottage to see how the groom was getting on. As expected from Jake, things were organised and running smoothly and everyone was in high spirits. Jake had coordinated with Ash and after the cake had been finished he was preparing all the wedding treats for the guests to have during the ceremony.

The Wedding

Ash looked stunning in her dress ready for the big moment and I rushed over to capture some shots of the guests arriving while Jake waited nervously.

The ceremony began with Ash coming down the aisle accompanied by music played by her brother on the keyboard and the service was conducted by their good friend Ed. Bridesmaid of honour Naomi and Jake’s dad did the reading. They all made this a very intimate wedding.

Being Ash and Jake big foodies, they had treats for all the guests at certain points of the service. Everyone could enjoy their homemade chocolate truffle, mini steak and cheese pie and finally a wedding biscuit. Yum! When the wedding finished we all went outside for confetti, bubbles and the group shots. We quickly ended these for the benefit of all the guests braving the howling freezing winds.

The couple and I headed off to the cliffs for some couple shots. I had been obsessively checking the weather, and luckily the snow was going to hold for today. Still, it was super windy by the coast (not pleasant on a winter's day!) but the couple were absolute stars and were happy to go to the beach where I managed to shelter them from the wind behind the cliffs. I’m glad that Ash and Jake were happy to go for these shots because the landscape was absolutely stunning. The sky was slightly overcast and moody, and the light was soft and flattering as it had been defused by the clouds and the cliffs, the sea made a stunning backdrop...

Back to the barn, after Jake and Ash were introduced as man and wife the wonderfully tear-jerking speeches started. The meal afterwards was amazing, precisely what you would expect from a pair of foodies. As a photographer, you usually get to have the same meal, one of the major perks of the job in my opinion.

The day carried on with all the guest having a fun time with the band and a cartoonist showing up later on. Everyone was up and dancing after an emotive first dance with Ash and Jake, and that carried on into the night…

Congratulations Ash and Jake :)

P.s The next day the forecasted snow started, and I had to drive home in a snowstorm but thank the heavens it wasn’t the day before! ;)