I’ve been a big fan of Anna Hardy’s photography for a long time, so when I saw that she was starting a new photography workshop I jumped at the chance and booked on to it.

I’ve done some family photography before, and its an area of my business I’d like to grow. I felt that its quite a speciality photographing families and children so getting a workshop from such a good photographer under my belt would be good practice.

I’d find that dealing with a family situation is much more difficult than working with a bride and groom or guests at a wedding. Lots of things to think about when photographing different age groups and Anna really helped break everything down to help you make the families feel as comfortable as possible when you’re shooting. This really helps when you are trying to get natural shots.

So what was my experience of the ‘The Roost’? Firstly super well taught by Anna, everything was structured well and easy to follow. I got some great information of how to deal with real life situations and she made me think about composition and lighting in a different way. And really thats what you want from a workshop, not only just to be inspired, but I left with the feeling that I have took some tangible skills away which I can use in my photography straight away.

I went to the class room workshop but she does an online version which is the same but more convient. I thoroughly recommend booking on to it…


And how is my family photography now I’ve been on the workshop? Well have a look for yourselves…