Diane from Salford, Mike from St Helen's, their love of the seaside draws them to Blackpool every year for a holiday. They also like to plan a wedding a little differently; during our first meeting  they told me that they had decided to get married after falling in love with The Wedding Chapel in Blackpool while on one of their short holidays. Who can blame them? You can see in the pictures what a gorgeous venue it is!


The Wedding Chapel Blackpool

The Wedding Chapel in Blackpool has only been opened a couple of years but it’s a stunning building. Set on Blackpool’s sea front it shows modern sleek lines on the outside with golden walls that reflect the light in the sunny days. The inside is just as stunning displaying a spectacular window that shows the Blackpool tower behind the couple when they  exchange their vows.


The Morning

I drove up to Blackpool the morning of the wedding under a fantastic weather. The day was perfect for photographing, beautifully sunny with clear skies.

I arrived at the Lyndene , the hotel on the sea front where Diane and Mike were staying. I headed down to the room where Diane was getting ready, the makeup was being done by Diane's daughter and everyone was in good spirits as I proceeded to photograph the girls preparing for the big day.

Luckily, Mike was getting ready in a room nearby so I popped over to see him and take a couple of shots of the groom in their room before the heading off to the venue.  

As the morning progressed Mike and family headed to the Wedding Chapel in amazing horses and carts. I ran outside to take a few snaps of such a lovely scene to then head back to see Diane.

The girls were all ready to go as we waited for our cart to take us the chapel. I asked Diane if I could jump in with her and her dad's cart and take some photos as we went to the venue.  It was great to hear the cheering from the people along the sea front sending their best wishes.


The Wedding

We arrived at the venue and I ran inside to take some photos of Mike waiting. What a perfect day for photographing the wedding as the light streaming into the chapel’s window was gorgeous.

When the wedding started I managed to get some stunning shots of the couple with the Blackpool tower in the background. After the ceremony finished and the confetti was thrown as the couple came out of the chapel as man and wife for the first time, Diane and Mike and I quickly snuck back to the chapel to take a few couple pictures of them.


The Lyndene

We all jumped in a taxi and took the short drive back down the promenade to the hotel. The Lyndene is one of the biggest hotels on the sea front with just a short walk to the beach. When we got back I took Diane and Mike for a few more photos on the  beach and then walked to the back to the hotel for drinks.

The day moved on and a guest put on some of Mike’s favorite songs. The couple started to have an impromptu first dance whilst everyone gathered around singing.

What a fantastic day, with some of the most fun people I have had the pleasure to photograph. Congratulations Diane and Mike!