So it’s that time of year again! This is the start of the wedding season for me after a short break where I have been practicing and developing my family photography skills; more details to follow ;) I’m now back to my bread and butter, to my main passion of being a wedding photographer.

Charlotte and Darren were married in Moss Lodge Hotel in Rochdale, a lovely small and intimate venue perfect for a winter wedding.

I met the beautiful bride Charlotte, who works as a nurse in Greater Manchester, at my first stop to photograph in her parents house. The house was understandably hectic when I arrived although the father of the bride took it all in his stride reading the paper as it was just a normal Saturday. Meanwhile, the equally delightful groom Darren was waiting at the venue with the rest of the family.

The newly married Charlotte and Darren were a dream to work with and so the day continued with some engaging speeches until my time was up. It was great working with you both Charlotte and Darren, wish you all the best in your new life as a married couple.