Robbie Venn

I’m Robbie Venn. I’ve been taking photographs ever since I could hold a camera. I’ve been taking photographs since studying photography back in 2001. As soon as I started taking photographs of weddings I knew I’d found my calling and six years ago Venn Photography was born.  

My disposition plays a large part in my success as a wedding photographer. When we first meet you’ll find me a cheery soul, thrilled to engage in the planning of your wedding and focused on how I can help make it the day you’ve always dreamed.

On the day you’ll find me a steadying presence, able to respectfully guide you and your guests to the best angles and spots, or melt back and watch the magic unfold, ready to immortalise the unexpected. My approach can be cunning and I always do what it takes to get the shot, so if this means climbing a lamppost or lying down in a puddle, I am happy to serve.

If anything were to go awry with the day you’ll find me always smiling, never flustered, ready to lend a hand to get things back on track.  

I genuinely care about the success of my clients’ weddings so I treat each one with the utmost sensitivity and care to bring the fun, spectacle and panache they deserve.

In addition to Robbie Venn Photography I have a keen interest in street and art photography, I’m extremely well-travelled, I cycle, bake my own bread, love art and enjoy all these things with a camera never far from hand.